Trending Now- Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispensers in Homes-Available Now!

Never enter your home again without sanitized hands.  People everywhere are installing a professional grade hand sanitizer wall dispenser in their homes, making it easy enter and leave with sanitized hands. 

So, why not make it common place to enter your home with clean hands?

FiteBac SkinCare offers an attractive hands-free hand sanitizing wall dispenser that's durable and preloaded with a luxurious alcohol-free, water-free skin sanitizer formulated to softens skin.

And if you think there isn't a hand sanitizer that can truly soften skin, then you've never tried luxurious FiteBac. 

The FiteBac dispenser can be hung anywhere in the home. It comes complete with everything necessary for simple installation and immediate use.  

"Consider hanging it by the garage door opener, so you'll always enter your home with clean hands," says Julie Kimmerling, Marketing Director. Just shut the garage and wave your hand under the dispenser.   "Garage sanitizing means families enter their home with sanitized hands, keeping the home environment a much cleaner place. It just makes good sense."

Quantities are limited, so get yours today.

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